Music has always been an integral part of Zach’s life. In his earliest years, Zach’s parents chose to spend their savings on a new piano, rather than a new car. Soon after, his dad spent his Saturday afternoons picking out his favorite blues and jazz tunes by ear. Throughout his childhood, many nights ended with a jam session in the living room, with abundant harmonies and percussion instruments in hand.

Zach did not receive formal music training until age 12, when he began participating in his school wind band. During his middle school years, he developed skills on a variety of instruments: brass, guitar, bass guitar, drum set, piano, and percussion. With newfound abilities on various instruments, Zach found himself involved in a number of ensembles, from marching band to his church’s worship band. In high school, he continued to expand his instrumentation, focusing on Appalachian folk instruments, such as the banjo, mandolin, and upright bass. Additionally, Zach became increasingly involved in his high school choir, where he began arranging short pieces for the select men’s ensemble.

Entering college, Zach displayed a wide variety of musical skills, which manifested in numerous ensembles at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. During his time at Presbyterian, Zach



Zach was called to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church as an Associate Director of Music in August of 2016. Raised in the Carolinas, Zach brings musical experience from Appalachia and beyond, blending modern folk and global music with traditional hymns and familiar melodies. In recent years, he has led music in a variety of worship settings, from small community churches to national gatherings. Zach has served the greater church by providing music and/or planning leadership for a variety of conferences, such as Montreat Youth Conference, Next Conference, Montreat College Conference, and Mo-Ranch Youth Celebration.

A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Zach directs a band of instrumentalists and vocalists each Sunday night during the Worship at 5 service at Preston Hollow. On Sunday mornings, he directs the Youth Band and the Westminster Singers (Youth Choir), which perform regularly in the Youth House and in worship in the sanctuary, respectively.

Zach holds a B.A. in Music from Presbyterian College and is currently earning his Master of Sacred Music (M.S.M.) in Choral Conducting from the Perkins School of Theology and Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University.

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